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Should You Buy Health Benefits with Car Insurance?

When one gets into an accident, injuries are inevitable. Thus, it’s best to get the kind of insurance coverage that helps you take care of the medical costs should unwanted accidents occur.

A comparison site like Comparaencasa can include health and bodily injury liability (also called BI), personal injury protection (PIP), and the medical payments. BI is something mandatory while the PIP and medical payments are usually optional. In this article, we’re going to talk about the latter two.

MedPay and PIP are designed to cover injuries you or any of your passengers sustain should an accident happens. Even if you already have a separate health insurance, adding one or both of these optional features can really bring you a great deal of advantages. The following are the perks you can get:

Serves as a Back-up Plan In Case Your Health Insurance Company Denies You

There’s a myriad of health insurance types. Depending on which company you’re affiliated to, there’s always the chance of having your claim denied because it happened in a car crash. You may not be fully aware of every detail of your health insurance policy, and there may be specific stipulations that disable you from claiming the health benefits due to the accident. MedPay or PIP, on the other hand, approves your claim right away. You do not have to prove that you are not at fault, and no further investigation is required. If you don’t secure a backup plan, you’ll be forced to pay out of your pocket in case your health insurance company gets you denied.

Covers the Injuries of your Passengers

If you have injured passengers, your health insurance provider will not cover them unless you’ve included them on your plan. In case you encounter an accident and you have many passengers with injuries, you are held responsible to cover their medical expenses. If your insurance limits are low, you might not be able to cover all of them. With MedPay or PIP, the coverage extends to each of your passenger. You have thousands of dollars as an extra to take care of them if worse comes to worst.

Pays for Lost Wages Due to Injury

If you’ve had a car crash and you suffered a debilitating injury, you might have to skip work for days or even weeks. Work absence certainly means a dent in your pocket. PIP has work loss addition which will pay for your lost wages up to the maximum amount stated in the policy. You may have to buy a separate disability insurance for this.

Pays for Any Funeral Costs

The thought might sound somber, but let’s be practical. The average funeral costs fall between $7,000 and $10,000. PIP or MedPay covers the whole funeral cost, and an ordinary insurance plan does not have that benefit. If you don’t get either of the two, you or your loved ones will have to pay for the funeral out of pocket.

Bottom Line

Though it’s not obligatory to get MedPay or PIP, it’s a worthwhile decision to add either or both to your plan. For just $100 to $200 a year, you can boost your medical coverage to thousands of dollars. These days, all you need is extra protection.